NALS Moving Toward a Greener Future

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Santa Barbara, CA – Many are celebrating Earth Day this week, an annual event honored worldwide since 1970 recognizing the importance of environmental protection. NALS Apartment Homes feels a special connection to this mission as its corporate office is located in Santa Barbra, California— the same small beachside town that first inspired the movement all the way back in 1969.

NALS Apartment Homes has always been eager to implement sustainable practices at its apartment communities and is motivated to reduce natural resource consumption while providing quality services to residents. NALS’ green property management practices primarily focus on: Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, and Water Conservation. Through 2018, NALS has dedicated tremendous efforts to improve sustainability in the following ways:

NALS Sustainability Efforts

The smoking initiative was a large undertaking for NALS; however, the positive impact on the local communities and our world is well worth the effort. Many understand the health issues associated with smoking, but there are also grave environmental effects. Second-hand smoke is more harmful for the environment than driving some cars and 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are dropped every year making it the most littered item in the world. NALS remains committed to identifying and implementing green initiatives that will improve sustainability and help protect our environment.

About NALS Apartment Homes

Headquartered in Santa Barbara, NALS Apartment Homes is a fully integrated real estate investment firm engaged in the acquisition, ownership, and management of multifamily apartment communities. NALS owns and manages over 15,000 apartment homes throughout the United States, including markets such as Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Seattle, and Albuquerque. To learn more, please visit

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