When we acquire an apartment community, we try to identify opportunities which will not only reduce our natural resource consumption, but also improve the quality of our assets, strengthen appeal to residents, and ultimately improve our financial performance. We are proud of the results thus far, and motivated to continue exploring new and innovative options for more green property management practices. Historically, our sustainability projects have fallen into four major buckets: Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, and Water Conservation. Each is bolstered by continuing education within our company to promote green practices among employees and residents.


of communities converted to smoke-free or non-smoking as of December 2018.


KW/Hr saved from appliance upgrades and replacements performed through 2019, amounting to $85,168in electricity bill savings for residents.


of rent is paid electronically; with 97% of all occupied units registered for our online resident services.


Cumulative gallons saved since 2014 from Green initiatives at 23 properties, including toilet retrofits and Green Landscaping.

Air Quality

This encompasses the use of Low VOC flooring and paint, low-emission building materials, and implementing and enforcing our non-smoking policies. Our staff also uses green cleaning products whenever possible to ensure apartments are clean for move-in.

Energy Efficiency

Our teams tackle energy efficiency at the property-wide and unit levels. Recent projects have included energy audits, modifying pool pumps, insulation evaluations, LED lighting replacements, installing high-efficiency appliances, programmable thermostats, and electric car-charging stations.

Waste Management

NALS is dedicated to going paperless in our leasing, maintenance, and billing operations to reduce our use of paper and ink as well as trips to the bank. We also strive to provide recycling options to our residents, and use long-lasting and recyclable flooring materials in our apartment upgrades. Typically, the lifespan of our faux-wood flooring will last 8-12 years vs. 3-5 years for carpet.

Water Conservation

We have seen great success in water waste reductions through our emphasis on using indigenous plant life or xeriscaping, drip irrigation, and replacing plumbing with high efficiency and low-flow fixtures.