Long-Term Value

Our ongoing reinvestment in our assets ensures a quality experience for our residents and long-term asset value that can weather challenging economic times. Our capital reinvestment strategy has three distinctive phases of ownership and rehabilitation: The Acquisition Phase, Holding Phase, and Enhancement Phase.

The “Acquisition Phase” is the planning and implementation of the initial capital plan for newly acquired properties. Typically, this involves necessary maintenance deferred by the previous owner, or major rehabilitation projects to ensure the property has a competitive position in its target market.

The “Holding Phase” is our ongoing unit upgrade and asset maintenance strategy. These improvements aim to increase revenue, decrease maintenance costs, and improve asset values overall. Finally, the “Enhancement Phase” seeks to address a property’s current and long-term competitiveness in its market. In each phase, our goal is to enhance our residents’ living experience and ultimately increase property value


The extent of each phase is determined by need (ie. Roof and plumbing repairs) and demand (ie. amenities required to remain competitive in our markets). More and more, we have seen these two factors converge in conservation and sustainability initiatives, which have the additional benefit of limiting our company’s operating costs and carbon footprint. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more.