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Key Investing Principles

NALS Apartment Homes is a fully integrated real estate investment firm engaged in the acquisition, ownership, management, leasing, and rehabilitation of multifamily apartment communities. We offer partnership investments in residential income property for individual investors who wish to balance their portfolios, address estate planning needs, and simultaneously achieve an attractive return on investment. Our principal objective is to provide stable and attractive returns to our limited investors. With over 100 years of combined real estate experience, NALS has offered investments in multifamily partnerships since 1990.

We believe much of our success has been built upon four key investing principles that have served as the foundation for making sound investing decisions. These principles have stood the test of time and proven to be pivotal in our ability to weather difficult economic conditions.

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​Disciplined investments

• Larger, recently built garden-style communities
• Temporarily distressed growth markets
• Priced below replacement cost
• Goal of long-term operating distributions
• Finance properties with long-term fixed rate debt

Aligned interests

• Equity raised individually for each partnership – no cross collateralization
• Sponsor only participates after preferred return has been met
• Low sponsor and administrative fee structure – making it easier to achieve the preferred return
• In-house property management for better operating control


• Clear and understandable quarterly financial reports compared against original projections
• Consistent timely delivery of Schedule K-1’s – issued by end of February for the past 20+ years
• Each property is a separate, stand-alone legal and financial entity – separate checking accounts, no commingling of funds 

Long-term relationships

• Investors – many investors in over 40 partnerships spanning 20+ years
• Employees – 30+ employees with over 10 years with NALS
• Lenders – 20+ year relationships with over 50 loans
• Brokers – 20+ year proven track record with key multifamily brokers 

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